For several years Tee Group Films has operated a recycling program, working closely with select customers to reduce their scrap. After our film has been used in our clients’ process, we bring it back to our facility and recycle it into a three-layer film product to be used again. The film’s outer layers are composed of virgin materials while the center layer is made of recycled material.


This recycling program has saved millions of pounds of plastic from entering landfills. The amount of plastic saved is equal to:

  • The weight of over 95,000 standard sized car batteries
  • Enough energy to power a 50-watt light bulb for over 12,500 years
  • Nearly 2 ½ cubic miles of material, which is nearly twice the height of the world’s tallest building

Over the years we have integrated other components into our recycling program, including plastic cores and pallets. We ship our film on these cores and pallets, which clients send back to Tee Group Films to be reused.


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